The top rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida

Finding affordable home insurance in the state of Florida is not considered to be an easy task. The average premium annually for home coverage here in FL is an estimated $2,000. This is double the US average for home coverage. Let’s realize this now, Florida does have the most expensive homeowners insurance rates in the entire United States. Simply this is not anything new. Florida is vulnerable to coast, which in turn leads to higher instances of destruction of property from hurricanes or floods.

Considering these factors, there are ways to get some more affordable rates online. Also, you may notice that location is everything for rates. Where your home is located, the age of it, and finally your insurance provider all have a say on what your monthly premium payment will be.

So who are the top rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida? Keep reading below to find out.

The best FL home insurance companies

The first company is Florida Peninsula Insurance Company. This company is FL home insurance provider. It is also one of the state’s top insurance company in the homeowners market. The company became established in 2005 and also ranks among Florida’s top 10 carriers locally. One of the most common claims you will see is for hurricane claims. If you hold a policy here you can file claims by phone or online.

St. Johns Insurance Company is next. St. Johns is a Fl company that is privately held and knows its home coverage products. Unlike the other homeowners insurance companies, this company can also provide you with property coverage. This company also has excellent customer service along with competitive pricing for their policies.

Finally, when it comes to the cheapest home insurance in Florida, Universal Property and Casualty is also a great company. Universal’s doesn’t seem to have a strong online presence. Not to worry though as Insurance Quote Deals can provide you with the quotes you need! However, this company can offer you the most affordable rates than other companies. The average annual premium for this company is around $1,500. This is around $390 lesser than the entire Florida average. Universal Property and Casualty also has top of the line customer service and a guarantee of help from a person.

Be sure to grab a few Florida home insurance quotes here. Great home insurance rates await you if you decide to choose one of these companies. Remember you may grab quotes from all three companies quickly from Insurance Quote Deals.