How Can I get florida health insurance now that Open Enrollment is over?

We all wonder, how do I get health insurance once Open Enrollment is over? Health insurance coverage is mandatory in the US today. You must purchase it and online options make it easy.  Well not to worry, this a very commonly asked question. Let’s discuss what to do if you want Florida health insurance but missed Open Enrollment.

I missed Open Enrollment

Many people mistakenly miss the open enrollment period. You definitely aren’t the only person to ever miss it.  One of your options when it comes to purchasing Fl health insurance from is with a special enrollment period.

Special Enrollment Period

What is a special enrollment period? This can be described as a major life event taking place which results in you changing or adding on to your insurance. For example, a special enrollment period is described as losing your job, having a baby, getting married, aging off your parent’s insurance plan, and etc. All of these will qualify as an exception to purchase the health insurance coverage that you need.

  • If you are looking to receive health insurance coverage by the special enrollment period follow these steps below:
  • Start an application. If you already know for sure that you qualify, start an application right now.
  • Before applying be sure to preview all plans along with the prices of each one.
  • Be sure to check which life events will qualify you for a Special enrollment period

A short term medical plan

You may also get the coverage you need from a short term medical plan. If you missed Open Enrollment this is another way to get the health coverage you need according to You should consider these key points when considering a short term plan:

  • They do not meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act
  • They will not cover pre-existing conditions
  • Premiums can be based on your medical history
  • Your plan is not guaranteed and you may be turned down
  • Short plans have a limit of three months

Now that you know a few ways to get covered. Go online and purchase that Florida health insurance plan you need! All it takes is some careful reading and planning! Getting coverage can be confusing but just remember to take your time. If you are looking to collect a few FL health insurance quotes try Insurance Quote Deals. Guaranteed the best insurance quotes on the web.